Dafuq do I have to blog about ?

So I get this idea to restart this blog then hit a big fat wall.hittingthewall

My life is not exciting in the least. I take care of the house, the kids, and the mister and watch TV. Thats about it. One of my close friends is an indie wrestler and travels around getting beat up while wearing panties. (Ok, they are actually trunks but they look like panties). He has stories to tell. Another close friend runs a successful business with her fella. They saw a hole in the industry they are in and filled it. I just saw pictures on Facebook of them receiving an award. They have stories to tell. My sister in law just recently moved to the city of her dreams, landed a sweet ass job, and is taking the dance classes she missed out on as a kid. She also does performance art every now and then. She has stories to tell.

Today, so far, I went to Wal-Mart, chased toddler and an almost Big Boy around, changed diapers, cleaned, and cooked. That’s everyday life for me. 95% of my time is taking care of the needs of others. Most of the time I dont mind. I feel like its my roll. But it does become draining and can really, really zap the creativity out of your life. Im glad that I can be a stay at home mom to the three minions ( 7m. 3m, 1.5f who I will introduce in another post) but man, its exhausting and sometimes, I hate to say it, boring. The kids are not boring, not at all. They are cheeky hambones. The routine gets boring however.

Maybe I could blog about all the noise in my head and all the random ass thoughts I have. While I may be stuck in the rut of SAHM routines, my head is always churning. Not all of my thoughts are good ones, or helpful, but I have a lot of them. Maybe they need a voice/a place to come together. There are a lot of things I keep inside my head. When you spend the greater part of your day with children, they are things you have to keep inside. My lack of adult contact makes them sit and stew taking on new life as monsters instead of just ideas.

So to answer my question. What do I have to blog about?



3 thoughts on “Dafuq do I have to blog about ?

  1. Don’t beat yourself up – we’re all trying to figure out what to write about! Kids are funny, they teach you loads and being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world. The fact that you have 2 minutes to write at all is amazing. Just do what you can when you can 🙂

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