Ever seen anyone eat crow?

You’re about to…

eat-crow-300x336 So somewhere down in another post, I’m pretty sure I talked some shit about blogging prompts. I remember thinking and possibly writing (I’m not going to look for the facts, let’s just all assume I did) that they were all stupid and lame. I came off like I didn’t need any help figuring about what to blog about.

Guys, I was wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I just don’t feel like any ideas I work on have merit. And I don’t feel that its justifiable for me to take personal time away from being the glue of the house to work on things that don’t have merit. I feel guilty for taking time out of the day to shower! So yeah, blogging doesn’t even make the list of things I allow myself to do. That needs to change, guys. I can’t keep trying to fill the cups of others if mine is bone dry. Without sounding like a jackoff, I’m a creative person. I need to remember to water that part of me.

And I’m trying. I’ve been doing a 30 day Photography challenge on Facebook for the last 19 days and I freaking love it. I’ve been accountable and done it everyday. I’ve allowed myself to do a thing that I enjoy and share it with people. So, I searched for similar blogging challenges on Pinterest. Say what you want about the site, I’ve found some great things because of it. Yes, I know it’s the Starbucks and Uggs of the internet. But Caramel Macchiatos are fucking  tasty and Uggs do look comfy. Anyway, I found a 31 days blog challenge that I’ve decided to commit to. Here it is


Even if the content is fluff, it will give me 31 days to get into the habit of typing words in a box. I read somewhere that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit. 31 puts me well into that territory. Maybe this will work. I’m looking forward to pushing myself to do something I’ve always wanted.

Just by posting this, I’m forcing myself to make good on my word. If I slack off now, after building it up, I’m going to look like a jabroni. No one wants to be a jabroni. And too, this crow is mighty salty. I don’t want to have to eat it again.

So I will be tackling Day 1 this evening. If my plan pans out, my daily blog time will be after the kids go to bed to make sure I have the time I need to write what I want.

Phasers set to DO THE FUCKING THING!





3 thoughts on “Ever seen anyone eat crow?

  1. Sounds cool, I’ve been looking for a challenge for May when my April photo a day (on Instagram) finishes…will be interested to see how you find it. Good Luck 🙂

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